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My clinic

      Our clinic , the UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CLINIC, is  located at the center of ALANYA/TURKEY which is instituted to provide medical service for all primary cases and is considered as health service for the whole family (i.e. family doctor). Our patients are generally from out-of-the-country who come as tourists and who come to live in our country. For this reason, we have agreements with most of the insurance companies abroad which make our clients and us, as well, to facilitate management and treatment easier and without reluctance. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern medical facilities for a more enhanced procedures thus faster management and treatment. Our main objective is to provide quality and best medical service focusing on the healthier conditions of all patients.

       THE UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CLINIC is instituted in 1998 and is at medical service from that time on. It's manager and director is DR. ASUMAN ÇAYLAR, a native of Turkey. It includes warm, accommodating, skilled and professional staffs.